Pharmacy Health Network (PHN) connects nationally with a growing audience of more than 3 million health-conscious consumers in retail pharmacies across 148 Designated Market Areas.
audience stats

PHN Viewers


  • 3 million+ viewers per month
  • 110,000+ viewers visit PHN pharmacies each day
  • 55% of viewers have used the same PHN pharmacy for more than five years


  • 94% find that the network helps them pass the time in the waiting area
  • 91% strongly agree that the network is informative
  • 81% rate the programming as excellent/good
  • 74% of viewers think product ads are more believable when viewed in a pharmacy
  • 63% recalled seeing an advertisement on the network


  • 94% use a pharmacist as an information resource when researching health/wellness topics
  • 49% are encouraged to discuss a product or brand with their pharmacist
  • 48% are motivated to discuss a product/brand with their physician
  • 23% purchase an OTC product/brand during their visit

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